Media is Not The Cause of Violence in The Society

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Media is Not The Cause of Violence in The Society

History of The Cause of Violence in the Society

The battles of Genghis Khan, atrocities in Hitler’s era, World War I, and many such disasters are forms of violence. To say that the media is the cause of violence is not justified. Violence pre-existed when there was no concept of influential media.

It is in human nature to fight and quarrel and therefore, to put the blame on the media is not the wise thing to do. There have been historical events where examples of violence were portrayed.

Even way before any type of media existed, there was still violence. Media plays an integral part in conveying information to the audience.

This information is of all sorts. Informative TV shows, news about the latest events, and informative purposes are shown to the audience. This shows that the media is just doing its job and this is what it is supposed to do.

Role of Media

Media is the sole provider of all forms of information and has contributed to expanding our knowledge. Therefore, it is not the cause of violence alone. There is another view to this argument. Media does show some content that would promote violence but it depends on the audience how interpret them.

In most of the movies about terrorism and news about violent attacks, the media is not provoking people to carry out those actions but rather, it is making them aware of the harmful consequences of such acts. Every individual is different and interprets things in different ways.

To assume that all people would choose the right path is a fault of society. For example, a video game about killing and bombing is addictive and can actually make the individual react in an opposite way; which is to promote peace.

It is unjustified view to assume that by seeing violence, people will also create violence. Moreover, the censor board is playing its part in limiting content to certain groups of individuals.


Violence is, in the broadest sense, ruthlessness, harsh treatment, and force. Although the term “violence,” which refers to a wide variety of behaviors, typically conjures images of physical harm, there are other forms of violence, including psychological, verbal, nonverbal, and sexual assault.

t is shocking to learn that the processing and portrayal of violence in the media predates the development of mass media as a whole. This gives individuals the impression that all forms of violence are common or expected.

The fact that many people have never experienced or been exposed to this kind of violence in their everyday lives becomes less significant at this stage.

For many years, there have been conversations about and several academic studies conducted on the presence of violence in the media. The most straightforward argument is that violence plays a significant role in media because it helps with sales.

In other words, it guarantees that a bigger audience prefers and consumes the media material. According to some theories, all forms of violence are composed of a group of learnt habits. They call attention to the idea that seeing violent acts repeatedly in the media might encourage others to act violently.

This perspective suggests that we are dealing with a very severe issue. Media information created anywhere in the globe may now be instantly transported over long distances, especially in modern times. It is well known that violent goods are readily available, swiftly made, and shared.

At this point, digitalization—which presents mankind with a fantastic chance to share knowledge—becomes a process that raises the frequency of violence in the media to an uncontrollable degree.

On the other hand, other theorists contend that simply because a person comes into contact with violent aspects in the media does not mean that person would act violently. They acknowledge that violence is a taught tendency but assert that media-induced violence will soon be forgotten.

Several experiments back up this theory. Children that watch violent cartoons engage in violent conduct when playing with their toys, but this behavior quickly stops, according to the findings of certain experimental study on children and young people.

Effect on Children

Children are more subjected to get influenced rather than adults. Therefore, the content is restricted to certain age groups of audience and some are advised to watch with parental guidance.

This shows that the media is acting effectively in taking all the steps possible to restrain violence, rather than being a cause of such behavior.

The media has made the world more modernized and the internet is the biggest example of making people’s lives easier. We should, therefore, not use media as a scapegoat and combine as a society to find out the real cause of violence.

To what degree will a child’s conduct be changed when they are constantly exposed to violence in all media material is the key issue at hand. After all, we are certain that their conduct is affected by cartoon material, even if just temporarily.

All members of society might potentially be affected if violence is prevalent in all media, particularly news, which is the most powerful portrayal of the actual world in all media.

After this, depersonalization manifests itself. When confronted with violent occurrences in their daily lives, those who have lost their innate sensitivity to violence could see them as commonplace and unavoidable.

Even while all media, including digital games, TV shows, and movies, regularly contain violent aspects, news articles also frequently contain violent material. It might be said that the existence of violence in news material is more hazardous than other media components.

All other forms of media are acknowledged to be works of fiction and are seen from this angle. However, “news” is still perceived as an extension of reality and a reflection of it.

Critical Barrier

Cultural differences are the biggest obstacle to the global selling of media material, while violence is the primary genre that can be sold largely untouched by these variations.

As a result, violence is commonly included into many forms of media, including video games, TV shows, movies, newspapers, and new media components. Violence, which is quickly marketed over the world, may find its place in all media by overcoming the barriers posed by cultural differences.

The disadvantage of continual exposure to knowledge has also been brought about by technological innovations, which have made it possible for societies to obtain information with incredible ease. Unfortunately, violence is included in a sizable portion of media content.

The disadvantage of continual exposure to knowledge has also been brought about by technological innovations, which have made it possible for societies to obtain information with incredible ease. Unfortunately, violence is included in a sizable portion of media content.

Additionally, one of the most significant channels for violence is news material. In fact, reports of violence against women might actually increase the frequency of such incidents. It is well recognized that showing violent news in a thorough and dramatic way might help those who are violently inclined.


People may begin to think that violence in the world is far more common than it actually is as a result of violence in the media. This emphasizes how crucial the terminology employed in the news media is.

It has not been possible to completely eradicate the presence of violence in media content, despite the fact that some practices—such as many legal regulations, ethical principles, publishing rules and responsibilities—have been established to protect people and society from the negative effects of media violence.

Although there are steps to mitigate the negative impacts of violent products, at least for youngsters, such as warning signals, it does not appear viable to restrict access to media content in the current digital era.

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