Essay Sample on The Hidden Curriculum

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Essay Sample on The Hidden Curriculum

The Hidden Curriculum

The hidden curriculum is the rules, regulations, or routines which are observed by a student and through which the student learns outside the formal curriculum. The name of hidden curriculum is given because this type of education is not intended to be taught and therefore, it is ‘hidden’.

Children come to school to gain an education. Parents invest money and resources in their children’s education to make them socialized members of society. However, society teaches us many things we do not even intend to.

Similarly in schools, the children may learn many things which are not directly planned by the school system or organization. These attributes and qualities are known as the hidden curriculum.

The hidden curriculum consists of the everyday routines and occurrences which instill some kind of value in the student. For example, most schools start with an assembly and Morning Prayer. By gathering all students to start the day, teaches the children that we are all one and that the school is a unified entity.

Moreover, reaching class early is another rule which is commonly followed in most schools. By punishing the students for reaching late, the importance of time is being taught as well as punctuality; which is a positive habit and will help them in the future.

By teaching all these things to students, despite giving them a proper formal education through textbooks; the school is preparing them for working in the job market and becoming highly socialized members of society.

The Reason

The reason why the hidden curriculum is part of school education is that it is learned by the student at school, even if it was unintentional. Moreover, the hidden curriculum can be interpreted by each student differently as it will depend on the individual and how perceive it.

Some people may become rebels as they would perceive the rules as dominant and control over students. Such children can then be forced to break rules and become deviant members of society.

The school takes strict action against such students and makes sure that none of the students break the social order of the school’s system. This can further aggravate the situation as the student may develop an abhorrence for education and can even get involved in destructive activities.

The school makes sure about the information, facts, and studies which are taught to the student through the form of a formal curriculum.

The formal curriculum consists of the education which is provided during class lectures. However, the children may sometimes learn more from the hidden curriculum than from the formal one.

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