Dissertation Writing on Vaccination For Children

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Dissertation Writing on Vaccination For Children

The present-day generation has begun to push back on vaccination for their children to assist in eliminating childhood diseases and protect the future generation.

Vaccination typically protects children from severe diseases and complications of vaccine-preventable disorders which under adverse conditions can result in amputation of the child’s arm or leg, hearing loss, brain damage, and paralysis of the limb and brain damage. It also suppresses vaccine-preventable disease like whooping cough, measles, and mumps which usually tends to threaten the lives of children at an early age.

Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of these diseases and promote the health of the children, the parent of the present day has resolved to go back to vaccinating their children to enhance their well-being and make them immune to various childhood diseases.

Moreover, the parents of the present day have resolved to vaccinate their children to protect their posterity. The discussion around kid vaccines has grown over time. The general safety of immunizations for young children has been a topic of discussion.

The immunization of children is the focus of various groups around the US. Some individuals understand that vaccines harm a child’s body more than they do good, but others have a different opinion. Children’s vaccinations do more to stop viruses and germs than to cause them.

Vaccination of Children

Vaccination of children habitually makes the children withstand various diseases thus making them grow to adulthood and give forth to another generation hence this has considerably motivated the parents of the current generation to vaccinate their children so that they may not only protect their children but also offer protection to their grandchildren.

The best way to educate the parents on the vaccination of their children in a way that they would identify with is to recruit community members to become pro-vaccine leaders to offer basic education to the parents and the importance of vaccination to their children.

This strategy would assist in enhancing the turn-out of vaccinated children in society since through community-based education using a pro-vaccine leader, the majority of the parents would positively respond to the teaching on vaccination hence this would lower instances of vaccination resistance by the parents.

Vaccination Benefit

Vaccinations can aid in preventing infections or viruses that a kid may get in the future. The medical sciences have advanced to the point that your child can now be protected against more diseases than ever before.

Because of safe and efficient immunizations, several illnesses that previously harmed or killed millions of children have been fully eradicated, while others are almost extinct.

More viruses have been thwarted throughout time thanks to childhood immunizations. There has also been an increase in the number of young children receiving immunizations.

Only after a thorough and extended evaluation by scientists, physicians, and other healthcare experts are vaccines administered to children.

The pain, discomfort, and trauma of the illnesses these vaccinations are designed to prevent outweigh any discomfort associated with the vaccination process, which may include some pain, redness, or soreness at the injection site.

The safety of vaccinations for children must first be determined by scientists and professionals before they are ever distributed to hospitals.

Vaccination Benefit During Covid

Given the circumstances at hand, vaccinations have shown to be essential in halting the spread of dangerous illnesses. The Coronavirus illness, also known as Covid-19, initially appeared in China in late 2019 and had spread to nearly every country in the world by March 2020.

The mobility of individuals from one location to another aided in the spread. There was no vaccination available because the virus had never been seen before.

To curb the virus’s spread, pharmaceutical firms and medical organizations have been working on vaccinations. The velocity at which it spreads is astounding, despite the existence of several therapeutic options.

Children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing medical issues are among society’s most vulnerable segments, and they face catastrophic dangers. As their immune systems are compromised, these particular populations are more susceptible to infections.

Children should thus undergo vaccines to lower their chance of developing illnesses that might make them more susceptible to lethal infections like Covid-19.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health groups advise utilizing vaccinations in addition to other preventative measures, such as maintaining social distancing and using face masks, to stop the transmission of the virus to stop the pandemic.

Even though the virus’s symptoms and threat are obvious to everyone, some people oppose making immunizations a requirement.

They contend that it violates people’s rights and private liberty. Even though the vaccination saved lives, it has become more challenging for medical organizations to continue vaccine research. The results of the delayed vaccinations include an increase in virus-related mortality and new illnesses.

While opposed to vaccination, anti-vaxxers fail to suggest a different approach to the epidemic, putting the general people at more risk.

Children should continue receiving injections since vaccinations are beneficial in stopping the spread of fatal illnesses like whooping cough and polio, among others


This claim could be challenged by anti-vaxxers who claim that as lives and the environment have changed through time, so have infections. In addition, anti-vaxxers contend that since everyone has a right to life, vaccinations shouldn’t be required.

Health systems, however, disregard individual rights and preferences to save the public when the diseases being treated are extremely infectious and pose a threat to society as a whole.

The immunization of children lowers death rates in the long term by preventing the spread of dangerous infections. Measles is another dangerous illness and immunization has reduced fatality rates.

Measles vaccination has been administered for more than 50 years, and the results have been unparalleled. Nonetheless, even though the illness is very infectious and has the potential to be fatal, few individuals are willing to be vaccinated.

The recurrence of measles as a result of procrastination resulted in around 10 million illnesses and over 150,000 fatalities globally in 2018. Many detrimental effects, including blindness, pneumonia, and brain enlargement, are linked to the condition.

In addition to the measles vaccination, other vaccines such as the HPV vaccine that protects against cervical cancer are also affected by hesitancy. Yes, vaccination of children is essential to halting the development of fatal diseases, and parents should support it.

Vaccines Save Lives

A baby is not immune to any diseases, therefore being near an infected person increases their chance of getting sick.

The infant may die from the illness since the body cannot fend it off. Most of the time, doctors are unable to predict the adverse effects of vaccines and instead concentrate on the main goal of the medications, which is to prevent diseases.

All medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and other staff members, swear an oath to treat the public with humanity. Their main goals are to boost patients’ health and stop infections. Hence, it is unethical for doctors to assert that the motivation behind vaccinations is a financial benefit.

Some opposed to vaccinations, however, would counter that although doctors have in the past participated in medication marketing for several pharmaceutical corporations for financial gain, it is immoral.

It’s significant to remember that certain kids fall into a particular category who shouldn’t get shots since they have compromised immune systems. These people are at an even higher risk of catching infections than those who should have benefitted from immunizations but whose parents disapproved of them.

Although vaccines make kids uncomfortable, there are more important reasons to support child vaccination, as discussed. Fewer children die from illnesses that may be prevented nowadays, which has led to a decrease in child mortality rates around the globe.


Due to disagreements over whether or not vaccines should be given to children and whether they should be elective or required, vaccination has become a topic of controversy for years. Given the state of a child’s immune system at birth, vaccinations for youngsters provide several advantages.

Yet, other individuals are opposed to it for a variety of causes, some of which are religious. Even though the arguments made against vaccines lack medical validity and justification, they nonetheless have an impact on the global immunization rate.

Children who refuse vaccinations risk contracting serious illnesses like the fatal measles. Some of the illnesses that may be prevented by vaccination are contagious and incurable, thus every effort should be made to prevent them. It is immoral to vaccinate children, according to those who oppose immunizations.

They contend that modern vaccination rates have risen and that the hazards associated with these vaccines now outweigh those associated with the diseases they are intended to prevent.

In general, parents should vaccinate their children since the medicines are secure and are designed to strengthen a child’s immunity. The lives they mostly rescue are those of both the younger and elderly generations.

Moreover, vaccination is essential for halting the spread of dangerous illnesses, which are expensive and debilitating to public health. Last but not least, parents should not follow falsehoods about vaccinations because they put their kids and society at risk if they do.

These beliefs are presumptuous and unsupported by science. Instead of putting the public at risk for health problems, anti-vaxxers need to concentrate on improving people’s lives.