Understanding and meeting Challenges in the Third Sector

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Understanding and meeting Challenges in the Third Sector

The “Third Sector” is those organizations who are not associated with any branch of the state apparatus, but provide goods, services, and economic opportunities as a social activity without making any profits or return on investments from that activity. These Third Sector organizations include cooperatives, communal societies and charitable/voluntary that generates goods and services. The Third Sector can also be referred to as the “Social Economy” which makes to easier to understand. Maintaining the quality of life of retirees who cannot look after themselves is one aspect of third sector organizations. Some people may not have the resources for any number of reasons that they lack for food, shelter, and medication.

Although the government may provide social security benefits, the government might accommodate numbers but not quality. Governments do not possess adequate resources to provide quality and even limited quantity. My impression is that organizations working in such sectors are genuinely hard working that provides a much-required service to society. They depend on funding by philanthropists’ who think of donations as their way of helping society and paying back a portion of what they have earned from the sales of their service and products.

The Third Sector will play an effective role in the social economy, and with the passage of time, their role will definitely increase. The sort of work that these organizations are doing can be taken into account by the benefits received by their recipients and the goods and services they provide to them. The overall impression of social workers is that the third sector is an essential part of social services and will improve social justice and prospects. But this requires good leadership and the necessity of recognizing in which sector their values are most needed. Such organizations must invest in leadership development in the sense that potential leaders make a career of working in and leading.

“Third Sector” organizations would essentially implement different approaches in different services sectors which would include health, employment services and education and training for children and young adults who cannot afford the education or the training required to get good jobs. Increasing their incomes by fund raising is one of the priorities for the third sector as a whole and there is no organization that could not do more if they had more money. They generate funds through public services, they receive donations or they are given grants by large organizations.