Essay on Underlying Principles of ASEM

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Essay on Underlying Principles of ASEM

ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) created a set of values and established specific priorities which would guide the workings of the organization because ASEM’s organizational setup was not the sole setup that united Europe and Asia, and its philosophy were not the only principles that regulated collaboration between both regions. Asia-Europe cooperation was developed into a very specific type of cooperation which is categorized by casualness and the absence of any legal documentation. With different needs and priorities, ASEM has grown into a political structure for assorted activities instead of a united framework for mutual benefits and advantages. The significant values and ethics that are part of the ASEM process include ASEM countries that had any conflicts and crises.

The terrorist acts of September 11 made ASEM realize the urgency and importance of dialogue to battle terrorism and to try and remove misunderstandings between people of different religions, cultures and political views.  The events of September 11 led to a series of initiatives on counter-terrorism and dialogue to engender understanding between different cultures and different faiths. There were many important developments in the two regions that had a direct impact on how ASEM should develop and progress. The Asian financial crisis had the constructive effect of motivating very different thinking on the part of East Asians regarding developments in this region.

Despite its basically spontaneous nature, remarkable progress has been made in developing regionalism in East Asian countries in recent years. At the political and policy level, the ASEAN process that began in earnest after the Asian financial crisis has gained a large amount of impetus

Politicians and businessman of East Asia wanted that their interest and responsibilities for creating a more durable and positive regional order and that they are on the verge of building strong and vibrant East Asian Community. Although there was a common feeling is also emerging among many political and business men and that they are on the verge of creating a stronger and prosperous East Asian region.

They are positive that an integrated and united East Asia will give greater strength to ASEM and will have a positive impact on its working. Simultaneously the global, extraordinary amalgamation of the European Union has progressed very quickly. The floating of a common currency, the Euro and the addition of 10 members from the original fifteen make for an extraordinary form of regionalism and has also given the Union more say in global affairs. This regional unity and amalgamation have raised qualms in Asia and being too busy with their affairs will cause the European Union to neglect Asia.