Term Paper: Trends in Human Resource Management

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Term Paper: Trends in Human Resource Management

The work place is undergoing revolutionary transformations. Being an integral part of any organization, Human Resources Management must have the ability to deal with these changes in the workplace. For HR personnel in means having an understanding of the aspects of globalization, working with a diverse work force, different and constantly changing skill requirements, business downsizing, consistent development and enhancement, new methods of engineering, the conventional work force, decentralized work sites and employee participation. To earn the best grades in your Project Report-Research Papers you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

With the advent of the Internet and the ease of global communication most business, today operate easily and freely outside their national boundaries in most parts of the world. This means that the HR department makes sure that they have the right combination of employees at their different offices or factories around the world who possess the right sort of knowledge, skills and can easily adapt to working globally and handling assignment in different parts of the world. This means that the organization should implement training programs with employees who have a working knowledge of the land, culture, moral values including customs and laws of the place that they will be working in. To attract and retain talent, the strategy must be in line with business objectives and strategies

Previously Human Resources Management was very straightforward because the work force in most countries was standardized and identical which made the task of management quite simple. Today with mass migration to developed countries people of different cultures, religions, gender, social class and different sexual orientation all work together. All these people have different personality characteristics, language, physical appearances, and customs. Because of such diversity in the workplace, organizations can obtain greater benefits from better creativity and innovation and make the right decisions can increase the organization’s competitive edge considerably

One of the major changes for HRM is the trend of different skills required for workers if the company has to maintain its competitive edge in the marketplace. Skills requirements include greater productivity, better quality in the work force. To handle diversity n the workplace, the HRM divisions must adjust their recruiting policies and acquire skills to handle a diverse workforce. HRM personnel must communicate their needs to educators so that they make sure that their students are taught relevant contemporary skills. Talented people should be given decisions making responsibilities to ensure that they are comfortable working with the organization and remaining a permanent part of it