Research Paper: Treatment of Employees

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Research Paper: Treatment of Employees

According to experts when employees are treated in this way that they are important assets for the company, help them develop a bond of attachment, commitment, and involvement with the organization, other co-workers, and employers. An engagement of employee with the company contributes to generating observable attitude, organizational behavior, and disposition with positive influence underpins that “an amalgamation of commitment, loyalty, productivity, and ownership”. Hence, employee engagement is widely considered as a catalyst that directly affects role performance of the workers and productivity of the organization. Employee engagement in terms of traits engagement has been discussed among scholars at the more concrete level and they have considered trait as an important component of engagement concept.

They have suggested that trait engagement can be viewed as an inclination or orientation to the experience of the working environment from a specific perception, For example, optimistic affectivity attributed with feelings of enthusiasm. Some other researchers have suggested that engagement is beyond the level employee arrangement and satisfaction with basic faithfulness. In contrast, organizations intend to measure employee engagement with the passion and commitment level of the worker, how they seek to invest their efforts to help company progress successfully. Relevant literature pinpoints that there are different levels of employee engagement associated with the notion of employees’ dedication towards organizational success.

First is a cultural approach which is comprised of leadership values, vision, and influential communication.  It also includes a commitment that forms a foundation of engagement and researchers have noticed that with strong a commitment, employees start showing more willingness to put extra effort and make considerable contributions to the company from their side. Cooperation involves friendly bond among employees, which compel workers to work in a team with efficiency additionally, by taking responsibility individuals feel empowered through which they develop a sense of belonging to the company and excitement for the assigned task.

Another study suggests that with the notion of employee engagement behavior changes and changes and engagement can be easily noticed. Mainly because with the increase of involvement in business matters and procedures; individuals develop adaptive behaviors to support organizational development.  This study reflects that employees who have profound psychological relationship with the company, they possess some more behavior roles and tend to maintain good relations with executive level managers of the organization Their study revealed that a vital shift in the global economy has catalyzed the need for organizations to explore advanced manner in order the deal with the competitive technological environment along with the ground realities of demographic and market place challenges.