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Turkey is building an Aircraft Carrier

Turkey wants to have more influence in the region and for this wants to expand its military reach and is in the process of building an aircraft carrier. This will obviously up to the ante in this volatile region’s arms race. The aircraft carrier will be 225 meters in length and will be commissioned to enter service in 2021. It will be named “Anatolia” and will be accommodated fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, tanks, troops and landing vessels. It will sail in the areas around the Mediterranean Sea and will also have trans-continental capabilities. Most people regard that the aircraft carrier will mostly be viewed as an expensive expression of prestige and grandeur that exceed the country’s defense requirements.

Trends in Human Resource Management

The work place is undergoing revolutionary transformations. Being an integral part of any organization, Human Resources Management must have the ability to deal with these changes in the workplace. For HR personnel in means having an understanding of the aspects of globalization, working with a diverse work force, different and constantly changing skill requirements, business downsizing, consistent development and enhancement, new methods of engineering, the conventional work force, decentralized work sites and employee participation. To earn the best grades in your Project Report-Research Papers you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

Treatment of Employees

According to experts when employees are treated in this way that they are important assets for the company, help them develop a bond of attachment, commitment, and involvement with the organization, other co-workers, and employers. An engagement of employee with the company contributes to generating observable attitude, organizational behavior, and disposition with positive influence underpins that “an amalgamation of commitment, loyalty, productivity, and ownership”. Hence, employee engagement is widely considered as a catalyst that directly affects role performance of the workers and productivity of the organization. Employee engagement in terms of traits engagement has been discussed among scholars at the more concrete level and they have considered trait as an important component of engagement concept.

Transferring Of Financial Capital

The Argentine economic crisis of 2001 caused by a currency devaluation and capital flight which resulted in a sharp drop in imports. Capital flight occurs when assets or money rapidly flow out of a country because of that country’s recent increase in unfavorable financial conditions such as taxes, tariffs, labor costs, government debt or capital controls. This is usually accompanied by a sharp drop in the exchange rate of the affected country or a forced devaluation for countries living under fixed exchange rates. Currency declines improve the terms of trade but reduce the monetary value of financial and other assets in the country. This leads to decreases in the purchasing power of the country’s assets.

The Evils of Decriminalizing Marijuana

Federal Law in the United States restricts the possession, consumption or sale of marijuana. Some states have allowed the sale of marijuana in small consumable quantities to individuals, and have authorized the cultivation, stocking, and selling of medical and non-medical marijuana legally.  In America, marijuana is the substance that is used more frequently than other drugs or substances. The policy for declaring marijuana illegal is because it is the root of a lot of social problems.  These problems include mental health issues and lung and heart problems. Scientists at the   “National Institute of Drug Abuse” report that marijuana is very addictive.

The Essence of Freedom

Freedom is the most prized commodity among all human beings and even among the lower forms of life. Much blood has been shed to achieve freedom or to suppress it. Those striving to be free from any form of subservience are ready to sacrifice everything, including their lives so that they are free in every way. A person determines the type of freedom that he/she wants, and when this determination is shaped by a political or ideological idealism, then the struggle becomes all encompassing, and the dimensions of the political or any other ideology absorb like-minded people, and this becomes a mass movement to achieve freedom from all sorts of bondage, religious, political or ideological.

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It is very important that each line of your project paper has been tested properly for plagiarism. If the jury members find out that even a single line has been copied, your entire project paper would be rated as plagiarized. It is not necessary that your project paper would be plagiarized only if you have copied content from the internet. There are various other ways through which you can get trapped by this problem. Providing relevant citations for the sources used is one of them. When you have to collect content information for your paper, you would be required to access a number of libraries, portals, journals and other research options. These sources have not been written from the scratch by you. Hence, you need to give proper credit to the other if you are using his source. All the sources that have been used for a particular assignment need to be cited in the bibliography of the paper. In addition to that, you have to go through the referencing style layout and then cite your sources accordingly. The second factor due to which students face plagiarism problems is improper rephrasing.

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