Short Essay on Harmful Effects of Smoking – 1500 Words

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Short Essay on Harmful Effects of Smoking – 1500 Words

Short Essay on Harmful Effects of Smoking

This is a sample short essay on harmful effects of smoking. Smoking has a number of harmful physiological, psychological, and social effects that can significantly harm a person’s life.

Smokers grow tobacco trees, whose leaves are mostly smoked, chewed, and inhaled for a variety of effects. Tobacco contains nicotine, the substance used in smoking.

If a smoker is not careful the first time, nicotine has the potential to make them a slave for a very long period. Nineteen additional tar-like compounds found in tobacco, in addition to nicotine, are carcinogenic.

One of the most pervasive problems that are causing deaths in our society today is smoking. The stress, problems in their personal lives, and other circumstances cause many people to adopt this habit.
Some even begin showing it off. Smoking is bad for everyone around the smoker as well as for oneself.

Smoking has been shown to hurt our society throughout the years, and one such impact is on a psychological level. Smoking tends to take over our minds and cause us to act irrationally. Some heavy smokers are increasingly endangering their families and burdening society.

Most smokers start while they are young, and this encourages risk-taking or disobedience later in life. Smoking is also encouraged by peers and high-profile role models. Smokers claim that they smoke to reduce stress, but in reality, they are more stressed than non-smokers.

Effects of Smoking

People smoke for a variety of reasons, including to feel better, to elevate their mood, and to enhance short-term memory and attention. Smoking was once thought to be healthy, and there were numerous commercials for it in newspapers, television, and other forms of mass media.

An individual’s health can be affected greatly as a result of tobacco use. But until it’s too late, people continue to frequently consume it. There are around one billion smokers around the globe. It is shocking that 1 billion individuals endanger millions of other people in addition to themselves.

The lungs are significantly impacted by smoking. One-third of all cancer cases are directly related to smoking. For example, it could affect breathing, causing coughing and shortness of breath. Furthermore, it increases the risk of respiratory infections, which affects the overall quality of life.

Taste and smell sensations are impacted. It also limits one’s ability to engage in physical exercise.
It damages your external appearance by contributing to things like yellow teeth and wrinkled skin.

Additionally, you are more likely to experience anxiety or sadness. Smoking also has an effect on the connections we have with our friends, family, and workplace.

In other words, there is a big price to pay. Despite having little funds to get by, some people choose to spend their few resources on cigarettes.

Different smokers have various adverse effects from smoking, depending on their exposure to the cigarette’s contents. In addition to harming public health, smoking is very expensive for nations.

Smoking Effects Research

Smoking can cause a person to become fragile fast, leading to a slow, agonizing death. There are numerous statistics regarding smoking and fatalities, such as the 443,000 smoking-related deaths that occur annually in the United States, or nearly one in five total deaths.

Additionally, it is thought that smoking causes more deaths each year than all other causes combined, including drinking, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), homicide, illegal drug use, suicide, and motor vehicle accidents.

Smoking is the primary cause of 90% of lung cancer deaths in males and 80% of lung cancer deaths in women. Additionally, it is believed that smoking is to blame for 90% of all fatalities from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders.

Despite the fact that everyone is aware of the risks associated with smoking, nobody is motivated to quit. Smoking is the most abhorrent habit among the 1.2 billion smokers globally. It has no benefits for smokers or society as a whole.

Smoking’s negative social repercussions go beyond health and illness. Regular smoking has an effect on a smoker’s financial status, especially if they are struggling to make ends meet. Smokers are more likely to suffer heart problems and lung cancer. Since smoking is a deadly addiction, it’s better for ourselves and others around us if we can stop smoking as soon as possible.

We should reduce smoking’s prevalence since it harms our society on all levels. Smokers should stop smoking in order to prevent health risks and financial losses. Because smoking significantly increases sterility, both men and women should oppose it.

Negative Consequences on The Human Body

One of the evils that are detrimental to health is smoking. Both our body and mind are harmed by it. One can see the warning lines on every cigarette packet, yet they don’t seem to have much of an impact. Women who smoke are addicted in western nations.

Nicotine is a chemical found in tobacco that has lung-damaging effects. Even lung cancer, a deadly and incurable disease, could be brought on by it.

Smoking has several negative consequences on the human body, including damage to the heart, lungs, blood flow, bones, stomach, mouth, eyes, skin, reproductive system, and fertility. Smoking has a very negative impact on the heart and lungs.

For the heart, nicotine elevates blood pressure and makes blood clot more easily. Oxygen is taken out of circulation by carbon monoxide, and arterial walls develop cholesterol deposits.

Smoking causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a set of lung diseases that includes emphysema and asthmatic bronchitis. The term “silent killer diseases” refers to chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders (COPD).

Damage to the stomach can impact the body’s essential organs and raise the risk of stomach cancer. Eye illnesses including glaucoma, cataracts, and Graves’ ophthalmopathy pose additional risks to the eyes. The worst thing that smoking can do is render a person permanently blind.

The skin receives less oxygen when you smoke. This could indicate that your skin begins to age more quickly, giving you a lifeless, aged appearance.

The negative effects of smoking on fertility and reproduction are severe. Smoking can raise the likelihood of becoming weak, reduce sperm count, and cause testicular cancer while also harming sperm.

Ways To Quit Smoking

The first step is getting ready for the day you’ll give up. Setting a deadline will allow you to psychologically be ready since it is hard to break a habit abruptly.

NRTs may also be used to treat nicotine dependency. They may minimize your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Skin patches, gum, lozenges, nasal spray, and inhalers are a few examples of NRTs that can be very helpful.

Additionally, you might think about anti-nicotine drugs. You must talk to your doctor about gaining access to them because a prescription is needed. In particular, look for behavioral help.

It is imperative to obtain counseling services, self-help tools, and more to get through this phase of overcoming your reliance on nicotine.

Alternative forms of treatment can also be looked into if someone so chooses. Giving it a try is harmless as long as you’re determined to give up smoking. Filters, smoking deterrents, e-cigarettes, acupuncture, cold laser treatment, yoga, and other techniques, for instance, could work for certain people.


Smoking poses a serious health risk, but people continue to do so for a variety of reasons, many of which are illogical. Most smokers start while they are young because they believe that by smoking, they would be seen as mature. Of course, they are mistaken and endanger their own health.

Many people find that smoking helps them unwind, however, smoking has a higher risk of harming the brain. People should stop smoking since it is a very bad habit because doing so puts other people’s lives at risk as well as their own.

Smoking causes serious side effects, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other conditions. Additionally, it raises the risk of developing immune system issues, eye ailments, and tuberculosis.

Therefore, it is crucial for everyone who is dependent on cigarettes to realize that it is never too late to quit. Anyone may permanently stop using tobacco with assistance and a solid action plan. Additionally, the advantages will become clear within a few days of quitting.

If we don’t quit smoking, more people will become addicted, more people will get sick, more families will lose loved ones, and the medical systems of the world will suffer greatly. Because smoking has such a negative impact on one’s health, it ought to be outlawed everywhere in public.