Research on the relationship between Diabetes and obesity

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Research on the relationship between Diabetes and obesity


The cause of diabetes may vary in at different age groups and amongst people belonging to different races thus it will be analyzed if any relation can be found among people belonging to different age level. It is therefore, important to analyze the risk of diabetes as a result of obesity in individuals. It is important to analyze the relationship between the two to analyze the cause of diabetes and prevent it from occurring. However often people might not be overweight but intake of insulin will lead them to gain weight. Although there have been numerous other factors that have results in diabetes yet obesity is considered to be the most significant factor that leads to the occurrence of diabetes. The reason that people who are obese have an increased risk of diabetes since it leads to cellular changes which will then lead to insulin resistance. In such a situation various body cells that may include fat, liver and muscle cells become irresponsive to insulin. However, pancreas keeps on producing insulin which leads to too much glucose present in blood and is not taken into cells. When fat cells in the human body exceeds muscle cells insulin becomes ineffective. In order sustain sugar level to normal, it is essential for those cells that produce insulin to work harder.

In which the human body is either unable to produce enough insulin or cells in the human body would become unable to utilize insulin that is required by the body that would enable to metabolize glucose from that is needed for energy by children. Mostly adults have been diagnosed with type II diabetes however with increased rate of obesity amongst children have increase the prevalence of disease in them. It is difficult to diagnose disease in children as symptoms of diabetes in children may go unnoticed for long time. To accurately diagnose the disease among children it is significant to have blood test for measuring glucose metabolism. Children who are inactive, overweight and their parents or siblings have been diagnosed with diabetes are have a high risk of being diagnosed with diabetes. obesity has been determined as one of the major risk factors for diabetes however this can be controlled by losing weight and remaining active.

The research revealed that adults who were and those that have been diagnosed with diabetes had MSH hormone present in their body and they were more likely to be diabetic on the other hand individuals that did not have the MSH hormone in their body were although obese but were not diagnosed with diabetes. As it has been discussed diabetes is a result of insulin resistance which occurs as result of body being able to appropriately respond to insulin. Thus glucose level in human body rises beyond the level that is considered to be healthy, and therefore it becomes difficult for the body to store excess amount of sugar. 

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