Research Paper on Communication in Project Management

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Research Paper on Communication in Project Management

 Sample Research Paper on Communication in Project Management

Communication in Project Management is a talent that depends on upon moral and ethical values of an individual. This skill is very important to initiate and organize a project effectively. Communication is not only about verbal communication it is about understanding the complete message. An effective manager or leader must be a good communicator. 

Communication is a key success parameter of project management. It is very important to keep the right people informed at the right time. An effective user interface must be developed to facilitate team messaging, private messaging, task management, a shared calendar, and a lot of other tasks.

One person must be given the responsibility to communicate with the business managers. Communication failure is a major reason behind the overall problems of any project.

Effective Management

Communication and leadership both are compulsory for effective management. Communication does not only mean informing the subordinates about the company’s expectations. Successful project management communication is about keeping an open-door policy.

A project manager must remain in touch with the real challenges of the project. He/she should communicate with his/her team to find out their problems and issues.

Apart from the team, a project man-manager must also communicate with the major stakeholders to understand their expectations and requirements. During difficult times, a team leader must be there for his/her team.

It is very important to communicate the overall vision of the project to the members of staff. Project justification, milestone activities, and major deliverables must be communicated to the working staff. The staff members must be able to visualize the end product or result. Communication of the project vision must be carried out through a very creative approach.


A well-communicated project vision strengthens the team. The project status and progress must also be shared with all the team members as well as the stakeholders.

A progress report or status report is an effective tool used for communication in an organization or enterprise. However, these reports must be concise and easy to understand.

An organization can use various techniques to promote communication in an office environment. They can organize webinars, video conferences, face-to-face meetings, and presentations. These techniques are referred to as Active communication methods.

Enterprises also employ passive communication techniques such as emails, blogs, websites, and project newsletters. The contractor-owner relationship is a valuable entity that must not be compromised. This relationship can be affected in the absence of effective communication.

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