Research Paper on Biometric System in Healthcare

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Research Paper on Biometric System in Healthcare

Sample Research Paper on The Biometric System in Healthcare

The biometric system is the automated technique of identifying people on the basis of their unique physiological features. Our physical characteristics like fingerprints, face, hand geometry, and voice are the unique identities that characterize us from the rest of the world. Biometric systems make efficient use of unique physical features for the purpose of identity and security.
Specifically talking about biometric fingerprinting, the scanner first takes an image of the finger. It then encrypts the image pattern into a binary code or pattern. This biometric key or binary code serves as a unique identity for recognizing a person. This binary key can neither be decoded nor is it possible to recreate the finger pattern from it. Hence, there are zero percent chances of fingerprint theft; this makes biometric fingerprinting the most secure way.

The implementation of biometrics in various systems has been bringing large-scale changes in the techniques and procedures used in health care. Among many systems benefited by biometrics, the healthcare system tops the list. The prime application of biometrics in healthcare is the identification of the doctors, nurses, and the other paramedical staff entering the hospital premises in order to ensure full-proof security. Biometric fingerprints of the patients are taken in order to protect the medical records of the patients. The case history, medications, and information on treatments that a person has undergone can only be accessed by the authorized persons and the related doctors. This has helped to maintain the confidentiality of the records and the classified hospital database.

In the case of manual record-keeping, the files, and history of two patients probably having the same name can be mixed, resulting in wrong treatment and diagnosis. With the help of a biometric security system, no two records and details of patients can be mixed. Since the unique identification mark is not the patient’s name rather it is the biometric key. The biometric system has significantly suppressed the likelihood of Medicare frauds including phantom billing. Phantom billing is a kind of fraud in which Medicare is made to pay for such treatments or tests, which were not even actually carried out. The swapping of health care benefits cards ID nearly impossible since the biometric system cannot be deceived.

Biometrics has extremely important applications in the field of medical science. Based upon the recent rapid growth of biometrics in healthcare it can be anticipated that time is not too far when biometrics will become a compulsory and usual thing in every hospital.

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