Research Paper on Antibiotic Resistance in Preschool Children

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Research Paper on Antibiotic Resistance in Preschool Children

Preschool children are at risk of getting needless antibiotics and without antibiotics, more illnesses in children may have gotten stronger. Taking antibiotics will also lead bacteria to adapt and become “immune” when you don’t need them, so certain antibiotics will no longer kill certain bacteria. This is considered susceptibility to antibiotics.

Public antibiotic knowledge programmes in the UK have not proven as successful to limit antibiotic use in young children. However, new research has shown that parents expect potential messages from a health initiative to provide a personal message about them and in a way they can connect with.

Prior studies have sought to measure parental views of children with acute RTIs regarding the advantages and harms of antibiotics. These quantitative findings perpetuate public myths regarding the usage of antibiotics for common self-limiting infections in parents of small children. In one study, for instance, while parents agreed that most RTIs had a self-limiting path, for such a diagnosis, three-quarters would expect an antibiotic.

Similarly, while most parents were conscious that antibiotic misuse drives antibiotic tolerance, a quarter of parents will still offer upper RTI antibiotics to their child.13 However, parents appeared to be worried with particular symptoms, with earache being a typical appearance for which antibiotics were anticipated by parents.10,13 However, these findings do not examine how parents perceive