Research Paper Introduction on Treating Cancer

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Research Paper Introduction on Treating Cancer

 Introduction to the Research Paper on Treating Cancer

Treating cancer has been one of the most challenging quests for researchers and oncologists. Cancer refers to the disease in which the growth of abnormal cells and tumors takes place. For years, cancer was treated as an uncontrollable and untreatable disease; however, the advancement in medicine and technology has lead to many avenues either to cure cancer or to suppress the growth of cancer cells. These different ways of cure include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapies, etc.

One of the most popular oncology treatments is Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy or simply a Chemo is a way of curing cancer in which a pre-defined and limited dosage of chemical substances and anti-cancer drugs is given to the patient. Chemotherapy may be performed with the intent to completely wipe out cancer or it may be done to lengthen the life span and to suppress the cancer symptoms. The common agent used in chemotherapy is cytotoxic which works by destroying the fast-spreading cancer cells. If cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, chemotherapy can completely destroy the growth of cancer cells whereas, in the case of last stage cancer, chemotherapy can stop cancer from spreading into other parts of the body. Chemotherapy is also used in combination with radiation therapies; it is done only when initially chemotherapy destroys and reduces the size of the tumor and following that the radiation therapy is used to completely wipe the tumor out.

Radiation therapy is also one of the popular solutions to cure cancer. This therapy involves the use of high-energy radiation like X- rays and Gamma-rays to reduce the size of cancer cells and to kill the tumor. The radiation is directed directly on the affected area of the body externally from a machine. Whereas Systematic Radiation therapies induce radioactive iodine, which flows in the blood and kills cancer cells.

Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy both involve painful procedures and they are accompanied by negative and harmful side effects. The after-effects of undergoing these treatments are as deadly as the harmful effects of the tumor itself. Hence, a dire need of developing a less harmful procedure for curing cancer was deeply felt. Immunotherapy is a newly developed technique of treating cancer, which orbits around developing the ability of the immune system to fight and destroy the development of cancer cells. For the last five years, immunotherapy has been successfully treating cancer patients just by improving and enhancing their immune systems. Still, there is a lot more to be done in this regard to help the suffering humanity from the menace.

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