Research Paper idea on War against Narcotics in the USA

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Research Paper idea on War against Narcotics in the USA

The United States of America has been fighting a battle against the use of illegitimate drugs since four decades. Richard Nixon who was an ex-American President declared drugs as “Public Enemy Number One”.   The official term used for this battle is “War on Drugs. This campaign works toward the goal of decreasing the illegal drug trade. This war first began in the 1980’s after the cocaine importation tragedy. The US government has taken many initiatives that are intended to reduce the production, distribution, and utilization of narcotics.

Around 350 billion US dollars per annum are spent on this battle. But despite all the money spent, no significant reduction in the use of narcotics has been noticed in the past couple of years. Basic changes in the US drug control strategies are immediately required.

The Human Rights Watch statistics demonstrate that the war against drugs caused increasing arrest rates which purposely targeted African Americans. According to a story published in Washington Post,  about 1.5 million US citizens are arrested each year due to drug crimes and half a million are imprisoned. Also, one in five black Americans is arrested due to drug offenses. The policies are reactive instead of being proactive. The drug control policies are focused on fighting crime and do not find ways to prevent them. The government has to realize that this is not a battle which can be won with the help of nuclear weapons.

The War against the usage of narcotics has always been a highly debatable issue since the beginning. In the year 2008, a public survey established that three in every four US citizens believe that opinion the War on Drugs is not achieving the desired objectives.

Many critics argue that United States’ central and state authorities have selected faulty techniques to fight the production of illegal drugs. The focal point of government strategies has been on punishment in spite of treating the main reason behind drug addiction.  The War on Drugs has generated a money-making black market. This war is a never ending struggle if the US government does not make requisite changes in its policies.

Despite the negative consequences of this war, there is a critical requirement to explore alternative strategies that might produce improved results. There is an urgent need of drug policy reforms. The policies against drug trade should focus on the traffickers.

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