Research Paper on Behavior Analysis

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Research Paper on Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis

The dimension of applied behavior analysis that makes the most sense is the behavioral dimension. Typically, behavioral means the behavior about the reaction made in response to the social stimuli. Behaviorism usually tends to go hand in hand with pragmatism which is the thinking of dealing with a problem in a practical way instead of just using the theory or abstract principle. Since the behavior of a person is made up of physical events, it is a requirement that precision measurements of the behavior must be established to aid in the scientific study of behavior.

While carrying out the scientific study on the behavior, the problem of quantification usually arises, and this problem is typically similar in applied research along with non-applied research.


To react to the problem of quantification, it is required that a response easily quantified reliably be chosen to counter problem of quantification. Therefore, behavioral is the most sensible dimension for studying applied behavior analysis since it offers a reliable response to the quantification problem experienced while studying applied behavior analytics.

Moreover, it is the most sensible dimension for ABA since it demonstrates reliable control of significant behavioral change. Under most circumstances, there are two significant approaches commonly used to demonstrate the reliable control of fundamental behavioral change and the approaches include the reversal technique and multiple baseline techniques.

The reversal technique involves measuring behavior and the measurement is examined over time until the point where the stability of the behavior is clear.

Under this approach, the behavior is continuously examined to determine whether the variable will produce a behavioral change. Hence this approach to determining behavioral changes has made behavioral to be the most sensible dimension for studying applied behavior analytics.