Personal Career Plan

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Personal Career Plan

 Goal Setting

            My goal is to become a Managing Director within five years period. Currently, I am working as a team member in an IT firm. Initially, my first strategy would be to learn new things along with applying all my learning in my job. I will apply this for next six months period. After that in the later six months, I will also be learning other new things for my colleagues. I will be learn from my senior employees and will ask them to make me learn new things that will help me in developing new plans. After that in the next six months, I will be asking my supervisor to help me in leanings new skills in the job. Doing all this will lead to achieve my goal as a supervisor with in a period of one year. After becoming a supervisor I will be managing people who are under me. I will also be motivating the staff in order to solve the problems along with directing them in work. Within the period of next two years I will be trying to become a Manager and in such position, I will also be managing the staff and would like to achieve goals by setting them as an upper management. Within the period of next two years after becoming a manager I will like to become the Managing Director and to take a high level of strategic decision along with setting the goals in the company.


            Currently, I have established following skills as my short term goals.


Listening is my strength and it is very good skill that may help me in future in learning about different people along with their experiences.


Reading the books, newspapers and magazines are my favorite things that I do when I am free. The reading helps me in learning new information about the recent technologies, sports, political news, and movies along with my interesting articles about the world.

 Problem Solving

            Problem-solving skills is not present in everyone. It is my strength and also among my qualities. I would like to solve the problems with no matter how long it will be taking.


            Currently writing skills is, however, valuable for all the purpose. People must be writing the assignments in the Universities and if they does not have good skills they will be getting low marks in this.

 Time Management

            It is very essential, skills that must be developed whenever working in the firm. Nowadays the people are most punctual at work.


            Self-motivation is an essential skills because if people are motivated people will do hard work. I am a hard worker and a self-motivated individual. Motivation may come through different sources either teachers, friends, family, colleagues as well as the staff of an office.


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