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Order Custom Paper on Sociology

The field of sociology deals with the study of humans and how they make sense of the world around them. The most challenging aspect for students in high school and college when it comes to writing essays is coming up with a topic for sociology. Many students really struggle to find good topics and as a result they select something they do not find very interesting. The purpose of this article is to provide useful ideas to students to write essays on sociology.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most common problems faced by women in every society. Women tend to keep things secret when going through domestic violence problems and as a result the problem aggravates. Some women even become psychologically ill and need prompt medical intervention to resolve the matter. You can focus your essay on domestic violence issues faced by women in a particular society. How women in that society can be helped? Should women who are constantly beaten by their partners seek divorce as a result of abuse? You can discuss the consequences if domestic violence is not controlled.

Honor Killing

In the western world honor killing is a far fetched thing because the majority of the society is educated. In some Asian countries like India honor killing is a big problem where if young women go against the will of their family members and marry someone they do not accept the woman is killed for the sake of honor. You can focus your essay on this topic and how it can be tackled. The people who are involved in honor killing do not think of it as a crime or something unacceptable in the educated world. They just do it for the sake of honor.


You can incorporate all the major schools of thought in Sociology and explain them. Starting from Functionalism, write all the advantages and disadvantages of it. You can further explain the basic theories of these perspectives. Marxism is an important topic in Sociology and greater emphasis should be given to it. You can explain the history of Marxism and the original ideas which were presented by Karl Marx. Moreover, a brief description of Interactionism should also be  given including the teachings of Max Weber.

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