Essay: The Founding Of Imperialism

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Essay: The Founding Of Imperialism

The foundations of imperialism, which is usually not directed towards any goal, or is aimless, can be for varying reasons. Modern imperialism was generated by aggressive instincts, and the acquiring of weapons, which were created out of necessity. With the advent of weapons of every sort, the reversion to evolutionary throwback followed, with the war machine now controlling the state apparatus, which created conflicts and situations that it required for sustenance. History records that the Egyptian army was created to drive the Hyksos out of Egypt. The army later subjugated the state and pursued imperialism like the later armies that followed.

This included Alexander the Great who fought wars for personal glory and for plunder. An aggressive temperament is the natural ideology of a war machine. Nineteenth-century imperialism is visible in its most recent form of export monopolies, for they are dependent on the revenues imposed by their monopolies, without which their monopolies and thereby a source of great revenues would be eliminated by foreign competition. A prime example is a challenge posed by China to the current monopolies of the western imperialist expansionist’s designs, such as the American aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan.  Capitalism and democracy are generally viewed as the promoters of peace; in fact, they are hostile to imperialism.

If capitalism and democracy are given the opportunity to flourish unabated, then there will be no room for imperialism which will fade away altogether. Schumpeter states that democracy combined with capitalism will so absorb the energies of people that they will abolish aggressive tendencies. Rational people demand democratic governance. In the entire capitalist’s world, antagonism is expressed towards or expansionism or cabinet diplomacy. Capitalism is associated with peace, and that the populace of the capitalist world opposes imperialism.  Additionally, there are venues for the prevention of war such as The Hague Court.

For expansionism or war, only those who are responsible for making equipment for war profit, and if expansion is carried out by unbridled trade, and the availability of foreign raw materials is assured to each country without discrimination, then imperialism would have no place in the contemporary world. Imperial expansion results from the increased growth in population and property, which grow when the citizens know their lives and goods are secure from unauthorized forfeitures’. Free citizens create large fighting machines and armies and recruit soldiers who fight for public glory and the common good because these are, in fact, their kith and kin. .Modern liberalism carries legacies in that they do not affect liberal states individually, according to whether they are pacifistic or imperialistic, but at the same time.