The Essence of Freedom

Freedom is the most prized commodity among all human beings and even among the lower forms of life. Much blood has been shed to achieve freedom or to suppress it. Those striving to be free from any form of subservience are ready to sacrifice everything, including their lives so that they are free in every way. A person determines the type of freedom that he/she wants, and when this determination is shaped by a political or ideological idealism, then the struggle becomes all encompassing, and the dimensions of the political or any other ideology absorb like-minded people, and this becomes a mass movement to achieve freedom from all sorts of bondage, religious, political or ideological.

From the viewpoint of those discriminated against by legal authority, and not accorded due rights and respect, because of inherent physical differences, their goal is to achieve freedom. People who are perceived to be different to those who speak the language of power are usually subjugated and deprived of rights that the former believes to be divine rights and civil liberties. In this context, “language” is not mentioned as a linguistic capability, but the dominating aspects of the dominant class of any society. The use of language here demonstrates not a linguistic capability but is symbolic in the sense that is a distinct connotation of power.

Power can be felt without the use of words, and it is felt and feared to the subjected to those at the receiving end of the uses or abuses of power by various forms and actions. The power of language either clarifies without ambiguity or obscures the connection between ideologies and reveals its authenticity. Language is the means of either freeing a person completely or tying and hindering a person which produce diverse complications. In this context the diversification of language is permanent. People who not part of the cultures that governs or rules () must become familiar with the domination of the power of language,

Language can either be felt as granting absolute freedom or bind a person in fetters, and it becomes obvious that the aspects of language as a tool for demonstrating power cannot be separated from the people wielding it, or has control of the language of power. Those outside the privileged culture, who are familiar with this language of power and communication must use it in the most creative and far-reaching manner. The power to be invited to become part of the privileged class of people is also an essential part of the ideological endeavor.