Essay on problems faced by Pakistanis in the United States

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Essay on problems faced by Pakistanis in the United States

At least one-third of the total population of the United States of America is comprised of the ethnic minorities. At this point of time, Pakistani Muslims living in the United States are categorized as Asian Americans by the US Census Bureau. Culturally, they fit the description of South Asian Americans.

There are many intercultural differences between an American society and a Pakistani society. Since, majority of the Pakistani immigrants are not very educated they face problems due to their accents and poor word selections.

In Pakistan, these people have servants to cook food and do their laundries. But in America, the immigrants have to go to work and do the house keeping as well. Once they settle in America, they have to do the household jobs too which apparently is quite difficult for them.  They do not enjoy the same facilities as they had in Pakistan.

A very prominent characteristic of Muslim civilization is the significance attached to the family structure. In Pakistan, people live in a joint family system. Individuals are respected because of their age and position. On the other hand, in typical American family kids live alone and separately. They leave their parents’ home at an early age to live their independent lives. This basic difference in the family structure is a huge source of difficulty for the Muslim community living in the United States.

The children of many Pakistani immigrants have a conflicting relationship with their roots due to the countless misconceptions about Pakistan in the American society.

The thinking pattern of the younger Pakistani generation living in the United States is very different from their parents. The parents consider it as a major threat since they feel that their children are losing their original identity and continuously adopting the American culture.

Pakistanis are indirect communicators. Straightforward and blunt behavior is usually avoided. This cultural aspect of the Pakistani society is entirely different from the American nationals since most Americans are somewhat straightforward. So, a Pakistani national may feel offended when he/she receives a blunt comment or remark.

There are a lot of intercultural differences between an American society and a Pakistani society. But at the same time, there are many similarities. The moral, ethical and humanly values are the same like helping those in trouble, respecting the old aged people and looking after the ones they care for. The Pakistani community living in the United States can feel a sense of belonging with the help of education, affection, harmony and human welfare.