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Many students feel extremely irritated and frustrated when they are assigned to write essays. They put efforts and do their best but at the end they do not get satisfactory results. They become discouraged and do not feel like writing essays anymore. If you are one such student there is no point in losing hope as you can always make amendments and make it better and better by following certain rules. If you follow those rules your chances of success are much higher. The purpose of this article is to highlight certain things that you always need to remember when writing essays.

Be Attentive in the Class

There have been so many instances where students do not concentrate on the lecture being delivered by the professor in the classroom. Many students lose concentration during the lecture and as a result they miss the key points that they should remember and as a result when they have an essay to write they make mistakes. It is always important to be attentive in the classroom and take down important notes delivered by the professor in order to remember key points.

Write following the Rules

If your professor has asked you to incorporate a particular writing style in your essay you should do it. Follow all the right rules of writing and you will never have problems. Use the correct structure and grammar to make your essay coherent and logical. Include necessary arguments backed by examples, facts and figures where necessary. Avoid anything that is out of the context. Try to be as direct and to the point you can be while writing your essay.


Usually students do not read their essays once they complete it as they think that the job is completed. This is a very wrong approach because you never know how many grammatical and structural errors you have made in the essay. You can also your friend or family member to proofread your essay. Proofreading provides you a chance to correct your mistakes and give you the best chance of getting good grades.

If you remember these things every time you have an essay to write then you will not have problems in terms of grades.

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