Essay on Women in Advertisements

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Essay on Women in Advertisements

Sample Essay on Women in Advertisements

Advertising is a complex science that focuses on various techniques for drawing people’s attention and persuading them to buy a certain product. Advertisers use new and unique tactics for selling their products. These tactics vary from a light comedy skit to a serious emotional message. Using creative techniques for marketing a brand is good as it originates a healthy competition among the competing brands. But excessively using women as an advertising tool is something that is debatable.
Nowadays, we can hardly find any advertiser that does not feature attractive women for selling a product. The situation becomes more illogical when women are used to advertising brands that even do not belong to the feminine gender. This increasing trend has produced many adverse implications on the overall thinking of society and has particularly affected the way women are treated.

The excessive and useless featuring of the women for advertising purposes has made them an item of fantasy. The ideas propagated through these commercials also restrict and limit out the thinking of women to their dressings, makeover, home cleaning, and undergoing everything to acquire beauty. The true concept of beauty has been completely eradicated from society due to the excessive portrayal of women. Today a lady having a body of a particular size can fit the definition of beauty. This trend has instigated an inferiority complex among the women, instead of focusing on their education and career growth, they have to face pressures to become a lady complying with society’s definition of beauty as set by media and commercials. The race and craziness of running after acquiring the perfect physique have made women undergo even dangerous surgeries and medical treatments, in extreme cases.

Apart from the psychological impact on women, the overall thinking of society is also badly degraded. Watching an advertisement presenting an attractive woman as a mere showpiece may make you buy an item but unintentionally it makes you disregard a woman’s self-esteem. This impact is especially threatening and extremely harmful for the young minds, which are currently in the stage of developing their thoughts, notions, and points of view about life. If at an early age, a child learns to regard women as an element to play with, defiantly we must be ready to welcome a generation unaware of women’s rights and respect.

It is, therefore, high time for the marketing agencies to try to think out of the box and come up with other effective alternatives for brand marketing and stop the unnecessary projection of women for selling the products.

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