Essay on How is ADHD Diagnosed?

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Essay on How is ADHD Diagnosed?

For ADHD, there is no single test. To make a diagnosis, the doctor will look for any signs of ADHD that you or the child have encountered in the last six months. In order to weed out all potential medical or mental problems that may cause complications, they can even do a physical test and check your medical records.

ADHD Diagnosis in Children

A child can be diagnosed with ADHD only if he or she has at least six of the nine DSM-V symptoms and if the symptoms have been apparent in two or more situations for at least six months, such as at home and at school, for example. In addition, the symptoms must conflict with the functioning or growth of the infant, and at least any of the symptoms must have been visible before 126 years of age. In grade school, most children with ADHD have a diagnosis.

ADHD Diagnosis in Adults

In different contexts, older teenagers and adults will need to reliably show only five of these symptoms. The signs tend to be apparent by the age of 12 for an child or adult to obtain a diagnosis of ADHD.