Essay on Addiction of Alcohol

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Essay on Addiction of Alcohol

Sample Essay on Alcohol Addiction

It seems a bit complicated to find out when you have crossed a fine line between a light use of alcohol and getting addicted to it. But for sure if you devour alcohol to run away from challenges life throws at you if alcohol is serving you as a refuge from the emotional problems, then you are at the edge of a threatening state and your health is at risk. Soon after the signs of addiction are identified, it is really important to take preventive measures before the health situation gets more adverse. However, recognizing the signs of alcoholism is the key step to trounce the menace.

There are many interrelated elements, due to which addiction to Alcohol occurs. You can become an alcoholic maybe because it was in your genes, maybe due to the social traumas you had to face, or maybe due to critical challenges you face. The majority of people who mix socially with alcoholics are prone to develop this addiction too. People suffering from mental stress, apprehension, and psychological disorders are also at a high risk of alcohol addiction than others.

Excessive consumption of alcohol not only badly affects our social life, but it also retards our thinking capabilities and physical health. Alcohol is not a medication for stress; rather it is a poison for the body and brain. The poisonous ingredients of alcohol not only cause vomiting and digestion disorders. It also attacks the nervous system controlling our breathing and heartbeat. Alcohol is considered a silent killer as in extreme cases, it can lead a man to mouth and liver cancer. Heavy drinkers are deprived of deep sleep which is necessary for good health. You might take alcohol to relax and sleep, but regular intake of alcohol can make you feel extremely tired even if you sleep on time.

Drinking disorder poses an imbalance of our senses and psychological behaviors. Your initial drinks may make you feel better and relaxed, but in the longer run, their overuse causes depression. The pleasant after-effects of drinking are limited to the first few drinks only; as you go on with drinking its negative impacts will take over your mind. Over drinking can also instigate the element of violence and anger in our personality.

Now a question arises, after the signs of addiction to alcohol are identified, what preventive steps should be taken next? As a first step alcohol intake just before bedtime must be avoided so that body can digest it well before sleep. Breaks must be taken in the daily schedule of drinking and a therapist must be consulted to cure the problem. Use your willpower and save yourself. Remember, the only person that can save you from drunkenness is YOU yourself!

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