Essay on A War of Ideas

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Essay on A War of Ideas

A confrontation or disagreement of opposing values, philosophies, or conceptions through which states or organizations utilize strategic influence to promote their goals abroad is known as an intellectual war. All countries use wartime propaganda during a war. They try to give hope to the people and encourage bravery and also try to frighten the enemy. Posters, broadcasts, films, and even fake newspaper articles can be used. For successful wartime propaganda, the message needs to sound believable. It must use simple words and perhaps powerful pictures to persuade people to believe its message.

During World War II, posters were made in “Careless Talk Cost Lives”. This propaganda campaign was both clever and successful. The posters were a reminder that enemy agents could be listening at any time. They also made it clear that even ordinary people might know something that could help the enemy.

Furthermore, in World War II, a sinister propaganda campaign was conducted by the Nazi party in Germany. They used the newspapers, radio, and posters to spread their beliefs to the German People. They stirred up suspicion and hatred against the Jewish people. Many Germans started to believe that the Jews were bad. Millions of Jews were put into concentration camps and killed. This form of propaganda is known as negative propaganda.

Propaganda can have very serious results. It can start to control people’s minds and the way that they think. If people believe that the propaganda is the truth and factually correct, it can turn people against a group or organization. In the past and even now, propaganda has been used to stir up feelings against innocent people. As a result, people have been arrested for their religion, skin color, or even for their lifestyles.

International Propaganda

Until 1991, the law in South Africa said that black people had to be kept separate from white people. For example, they were not allowed to travel on the same buses as white people. This law was called apartheid. The government spread propaganda throughout the world. They said that their country was happier because the different races were kept apart. However, many people in South Africa and elsewhere believed that it was an unfair system and protested against it. Finally, the government had to change the laws. 

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