Essay on African Resistance against Slavery

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Essay on African Resistance against Slavery

Africans fought against the transatlantic slave trade since its beginning. This resistance continued for a long period of time. Rastafarian became the voice of the poor black community of Jamaica. Rastafarianism is a communal and religious movement which was initiated in Jamaica in the year 1930. The Rastafarian resisted against the white racism.  The Rastafarian movement fought against the Caribbean as well as the Western powers for their freedom. This movement tried hard to get justice for the African people. They helped the slaves to maintain their dignity and self-respect. Rastafarian struggled against the slave trade through a rebellious approach. The Rastafarian used many attention-grabbing visionary statements and symbols to communicate their ideas about the community. “Oppression” is expressed as “depression” by the Rastafarian to point toward the direction of their struggle.

Voodoo also resisted on an enormous level against the colonial rule in Haiti. Voodoo is a renowned religion of Africa. Voodoo followers motivated the slave revolution in the era of 1750-1790. They were known as the “Petro Practitioners”. In the year 1971, Boukman guided the Turpin Plantation revolution. This revolution was followed by another revolution called the “St. Domingue Revolution”. Boukman was an admirer of Voodoo. In 1971, Boukman encouraged and motivated the Black slaves to revolt. Many rulers have tried to suppress Vodoo over the years, but it has survived and is still practiced in many countries around the world. In the year 1750, about forty thousand French colonists were living in Haiti. These French colonists forced the African slaves to change their religions and convert to Catholicism. At that time, Voodoo emerged as a resistive force against the French rulers.Voodoo became a symbol of struggle and resistance against the French rulers. Makandal was the most legendary and famous leader of the Voodoo society.

Apart from Rastafarianism and Voodoo, the presence and following of Hoodoo also played an important part in the cultural growth of African Americans who were slaves. It helped to build a separate cultural identity of the slaves. The African Americans started practicing Hoodoo because they wanted freedom from the slavery, brutality and cruelty of the White Supremacy. Conjurers played a significant part in slave revolt and slave rebellion. The Conjurers played a major part in the 1712 Slave Rebellion of New York. This slave rebellion killed almost ten (10) white Americans and injured twelve (12). A total of twenty- eight (28) conjurers took part in this rebellion.

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