Deterrence strategy for nuclear weapons

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Deterrence strategy for nuclear weapons


Countries continue to argue over the pros and cons of implementing the strategy of deterring the proliferation of nuclear weapon to prevent terrorism and to avoid the emergence of the rogue states that is likely to pose a threat to the maintaining worldwide peace. Governments of the countries must possess the tactics and should take preemptive measures to make certain that rogue states would not be able to influence their decisions and use the weapons for political gains.Those who favour deterrence strategy as a way of abolishing nuclear weapon to prevent terrorism argue that countries that those who possess nuclear weapon, own it with the intention to harm the civilians and any government that does so, should be restrain from possessing it, for the safety of the humanity. These weapons are used for the purpose of mass murder and would also have after-effects over the economy such as the Hiroshima incident, and ethically these consequences are to be considered as unacceptable. Nations that are equipped with nuclear weapons are seen as “undemocratic” since the decision to use these weapons is made by few people who are at the top of the nation’s leadership, despite of knowing that this action is keen to have adverse effects on the civilians and the civilization itself. As mentioned earlier there are certain nations that have the capability and technology to build nuclear weapons however, has restrained from doing so, therefore nuclear states also need to take the responsibility to reduce their stock piles.

Different arguments have been presented both in favor and against of deterrence strategy acting as an effective to tool to prevent nuclear weapon proliferation to rogue states and international terrorist. Countries are concerned about maintaining peace and not to provide nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists who are keen to use these mass destruction tools negatively in their favor and will ultimately use them as a threat for the nation and the world on the whole. The likelihood of terrorist from non-nuclear states getting their hands over the weapons is rising rapidly.

In today’s world nuclear weapons are the source of mass devastation. Mostly these terrorists are outside the boundaries of deterrent strategy and it is therefore, difficult to get hold on them and thus it has now been leading to difficult challenges being placed on the security of nations. Steps need to be taken to ensure that peace is maintained globally and economies are free from the threat of terrorism.This is a model paper to get

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