Deterrence strategy for nuclear weapon

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Deterrence strategy for nuclear weapon


It is considered that countries that are nuclear states possess greater power however argument has been presented that the strengthening of the economy does not merely depend on the nuclear weapons they have or cannot be measured by how much armament the nation has, moreover it is gage by the military, economic, and political strength. For instance nations such as Germany and Japan are not nuclear states but are still considered to be as powerful nations the reason being their military and political strength, and on the other hand countries that are counted in the list of nuclear states such as North Korea, Pakistan and Israel are still not considered to be as powerful nations. Although nuclear weapons enforce threat to certain nations and in maintaining worldwide peace, still arguments are presented for the proliferation of nuclear weapons, terrorist do not fear the threat of deterring nuclear weapon they would continue to kill themselves frequently and nothing could impose a threat or fear on them that would dissuade them from committing the terrorist activities.

However the deterrence strategy would still cause some positive effects and will prove to be helpful in maintaining peace.  The existence of nuclear proliferation is considered important in today’s world as it is believed that it is important to have nuclear weapons for security purpose, nations acquire weapons as a symbol of prestige, the view is also that with the passage of time and advancement in technology, there has been a rise in the development of nuclear weapon research and development has lead states to develop their armaments.

The subject of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) proliferation is worthy of debate. It has been argued over the issue that effects of WMD proliferation depends on the pace at which it is spread, a slow proliferation does not have an adverse effect and is in fact should be considered preferable in context to maintaining security as compare to no proliferation or a quick one, as nuclear states have less threat from being attacked by the other states.

One of the major problems faced by the humanity today is the proliferation of nuclear weapons and therefore it is significant to understand the need of preventing it. The argument over the effects of nuclear weapon proliferation continues with the belief that smaller armaments are much easier to sell and therefore, it causes a greater threat over the economies to maintain peace, on the contrary, the view is presented that availability of nuclear weapons would result in mass destruction in one blow, and decision made by an individual is tend, to destroy a greater number of people as compared to that of conventional weapons as discussed above.