Biography of Sarah Lucas

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Biography of Sarah Lucas


Sarah Lucas as a contemporary artist of the 21st century has used contemporary approaches in delineating the aspects of gender in society, as well as its representation in art. Although the feminist art history reveal that certain progress has been made regarding the objectification of the female body, art in the contemporary world is still created in a patriarchal society. Aspects of patriarchy and dominance of the male have to come up in the contemporary artistic representations, as an-equilibrium is yet to be achieved in the construction of gender.

Works by Sarah Lucas such as in the self-portraits reveal an artist intent on challenging gender stereotypes and their representation in art. Lucas tries to bring a masculine image of herselfin art as a way of construing the male gaze from the objectification of women. More so, the artist tries to deconstruct the traditional concepts of representing artin an approach intended to view feminine art in a positive light. The titles of Lucas’ art works uses wordplay as she conforms to her image of tabloid feminism, and also as a way of directing attention to relevant art pieces that challenge existing notions of gender. Some of her work may be regarded as aesthetic and not confrontational to the gender stereotypes but her role in feminist art places her as an important advocate of feminine subjectivity rather than objectification.

One of the visible figures in modern art is Sarah Lucas, a member of the Young British Artists. As a key figure who emerged in the 1990s, Lucas has focused on sculptors that are provocative and subvert, as well as challenge the attitudes directed towards sexuality, gender, and the body. Lucas’ use of familiar and abject materials to bring about provocative body forms brings about historical and contemporary connotations directed towards the body. Artistic works by Lucas are less flattering in the representation of women and are suspended between representatives and authentic. The fact that Lucas fails to comment on whether she is opposing the objectification of women or promoting is as an aesthetic raises the question whether her works are aligned to the femininity movement or are the promotion of gender stereotypes. Even as such questions linger, Lucas’ artworks bring about the issues of sexuality, class, national identity, and gender stereotypes.

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