Assignment on Causes of Divorce

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Assignment on Causes of Divorce

Lack of communication

Lack of communication is the main reason why a couple goes to therapy, not only do they feel that they are not talking enough, but when they do, it seems that the message is not getting correctly. It may be that the sender does not know how to express himself clearly or that the receiver does not know how to listen, normally it is a mixture of the two and the key is to assume that we have part of the responsibility.

We think we are too good

The main idea is that we deserve more than what our partner offers us. This feeling of dissatisfaction leads us to seek and therefore find only the negative points of our partner and thus confirm our theory, we are better than her. Trying to see the good side of the person we have chosen instead of going into a loop of negativity can change the perspective.

We feel trapped

We have a feeling of suffocation derived from the idea that we are not moving forward and our partner is at fault. We have the feeling that it does not let us grow and develop, we cannot do everything we want to do, everything seems like homework and we never do anything we want, we do not go out alone, we do not see our friends, we would like to live in another country. A thousand examples that illustrate that we blame our partner for our lack of initiative.

Expectations not met

When a relationship begins it does so with the expectations of both floating over the couple, the two have an idea of how their lives will be together, of how they will be in 10 years and those expectations are simply not met. Of course, each one has some and then life also takes us on other paths. In addition, those expectations may change over time.