Argumentative Essay on Capital Punishment

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Argumentative Essay on Capital Punishment

Sample Argumentative Essay on Capital Punishment- Obligation or Destiny

Capital punishment is often supported for the reason that society has a moral obligation to protect its citizens and ensure their safety and welfare. Murderers are considered a threat and menace to the welfare and security of society. Only by putting murderers to death can society be sure that condemned murderers do not kill again. Also, those advocating capital punishments assert that society should maintain such practices because it will bring about the most effective sense of balance of good over evil, and capital punishment is one such practice. Capital punishment benefits society because it may deter violent crime. If the threat of death has, in fact, stayed the hand of many would-be a murderer, and we abolish the death penalty, we will sacrifice the lives of many innocent victims whose murders could have been deterred.

While there is no direct evidence to support this statement that those who are discouraged by the death penalty do not commit murders, common sense tells us that if people know that they will die if they perform a certain act; they would not carry out that act. But if the death penalty does not discourage and society continues to demand and impose it, we have then only sacrificed the lives of convicted murderers who if released might kill again. Therefore, it is better for society to take a gamble that the death penalty deters in order to protect the lives of innocent people than to take a gamble that it doesn’t deter and thereby protect the lives of murderers while risking the lives of innocents.

If grave risks are incurred then, it’s better that they are incurred by the guilty, not the innocent. Finally, proponents of capital punishment contend that justice demands are best served if those convicted of heinous crimes of murder be sentenced to death. Justice is basically an issue of ensuring that everyone is treated equally. It is unjust when a criminal deliberately and wrongly inflicts greater losses on others than he or she has to bear. If the losses society imposes on criminals are less than those the criminals imposed on their innocent victims, society would be favoring criminals, allowing them to get away with things that  their victims had to endure

By putting to death those who purposely cause the death of others, the death penalty ensures justice for all. This requirement that justice is served is not weakened by charges that only the black and the poor receive the death penalty. Any unfair application of the death penalty is the basis for extending its application, not abolishing it. If an employer discriminates in hiring workers, do we demand that jobs be taken from the deserving that were hired or that jobs are abolished altogether? Likewise, if our criminal justice system shows prejudice for giving the death penalty, it’s no reason to give lesser punishments to murderers who deserved the death penalty and got it.

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